Who are we?

We created our company in 2019, in the city of Jacksonville, Florida, aiming to provide a face-to-face and online instruction regarding the stock markets. We count with experts in the field of this industry that direct trading sessions interactively and in real-time.

El Dorado Capital Investments aims to offer quality instruction about investments in the Stock Market. To meet this goal, we have designed negotiation courses for people to learn and practice the skills necessary to identify, evaluate, and execute business opportunities. We help and accompany the trader to create, manage and develop various strategies to produce profits consistently.


Dr. Karin Yunda

Venezuelan woman, mother, grandmother and a professional counselor and Life Coach. She has a PhD degree in theology and she is the creator of El Dorado Capital Investments.

From a very young age, she identified that her mission in life was to influence people through education and through her life example, so she decided to study and deepen her knowledge around human behavior and the mental processes involved in learning. She studied psychology and received a Bachelor degree in Psychology.

Aware of the need of continuous professional training, Karin continued her professional development. She has:

  • Postgraduate degree in Virtual Education Management.
  • Postgraduate degree in Management in Educational Technology and E-Learning Production



  • Bachelor degree of Art Education
  • Bachelor degree of Biblical Studies / Christian Counseling

She is currently studying “Psychology of the Stock Market” and she is writing her own book on the Psychology of Trading. She also continues to invest in real estate in the United States and Colombia.

Last but not least, she is a person with an iron discipline, not only intellectual but physical, which has led her to compete and succeed in the Bikini Competition, managing to position herself, at 47, over young people of 20.

Néstor Hernández

Colombian family man. He has been a manager in traditional businesses for over 15 years. He studied Business Administration. His exploratory spirit has led him to consider trading as a great opportunity to diversify his economy.

Today he is part of El Dorado Capital Investments and acts as Administrative Dean for Colombia, his main objective being to inspire people in order to learn how to earn money and reach all their financial goals.

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