The different actions in the stock markets and in international oil prices suffer a contraction in their actions on April 21 due to the strong downward trend in the price of crude oil in the United States.

Wall Street experienced a sharp decline, where the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed this Tuesday with a retraction of 2.67% of its value, saving 23,019.71 points.

For its part, the Nasdaq Composite and the S&P 500 indicator reflected a decrease of 3.48% and 3.07% respectively, transmitting about 8,263.23 points for the technology market and about 2,736.49 points for the Standard & indicator. Poor’s.

However, the main index of the Caracas Stock Exchange, the IBC, ended this Tuesday at 255,322.23, points reflecting a 2.98% boom compared to the previous session.
According to the Diario de la Bolsa, the Financial Index ended the day at 463,514.81 points, indicating an increase of 2.07%, and the Industrial Index closed at 98,275.96 points, expressing an increase of 7.07% .

Europe falls into the negatives

Like its counterpart in America, the main indicators of the European stock exchanges expressed negative values ​​on this day.

The Spanish stock market was the one that registered the smallest loss in the region with a twitch of 2.88% in its shares, accumulating 6,634.90 points according to the IBEX 35 marker.

Later, the FTSE 100 index is found with a twitch of 2.96% of its value, reflecting about 5,641.03 points. Italy’s FTSE MIB posted a decrease of 3.59%, expressing about 16,450.85 points for the Milan Stock Exchange.

Afterwards, the CAC 40 and DAX indicators indicated a loss of 3.77% and 3.99% respectively, accumulating 4,357.46 points for the French market and 10,249.85 points for the shares of Germany.

East keeps red

For their part, the main stock markets on the Asian continent maintain their downward trend with losses that do not exceed 2%.

The Japanese Nikkei 255 index was the one that registered a more prominent contraction in the list with 1.97% loss compared to the previous day, which represents about 19,280.78 to close on Tuesday. Then, the SZSE Component reflected a decrease of 1.08%, establishing 10,506.86 points for the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, in China.

Finally, the Korean Stock Exchange showed a 1% decrease in its shares, accumulating 1,879.38 points according to the KOSPI marker.

Oil in dense low

For its part, futures prices for barrels of oil in the international market continue to fall sharply after West Texas Intermediate (WTI), one of the most important indicators of the price of crude oil, expressed negative values ​​of up to $ – 37.65 this Monday for its future price quote in May 2020.

After the price of the WTI barrel for May permanently closes its shares with an approximate price of $ 10.01, the future prices of the US barrel for June of this year are, at the moment, at $ 13.16, representing a contraction of approximately 35.68%.

For its part, Brent Barrel prices, an indicator of the hydrocarbon market in Europe, follow the trend of its American counterpart and lost 22.37% on average, representing about $ 19.85 for its future value in the month of June 2020 at the time of writing this text.

Meanwhile, OPEC crude oil depreciated to $ 14.19, representing one of the lowest values ​​so far this century, according to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, with a 21.9% contraction according to its previous day.